Ser Semplin is the creator who ran away from home in search of life beyond the physical world. One day Semplin’s world changed forever when a lost Doad suddenly fell down from the heavens. With one whiff of the Doad’s neurotoxin, Semplin gave himself to the Light and ascended onto the Rainbow Cloud where they now see the world from a new perspective. The Light revealed to Semplin the truth behind the Doads and how they are in danger. Semplin has made it his life’s mission to save the Doads from the Ruggers who want to use their powers for the wrong reasons.

doad on a swing

Our Mission

Our community-driven project is aimed at developing a brand that represents the values of our community and bridges the gap between web3 and the physical world. Owning a doad will give you access to the exclusive rainbow cloud.


Doads is a collection of 6969 whimsical amphibious toads. They secrete a neurotoxin that when inhaled produces hallucinogenic, boundless experiences within that can last a lifetime. These effects improve the victim’s visual acuity and allow them to see the magic in the air. Once living peacefully in the Swamp Cave of the Etherean Marshlands, their habitat has been disturbed by the Ruggers who want to capture the Doads for their unique drug-like properties. Semplin has been chosen by the Doads as their protector, but he cannot do it alone. He needs your help to save the Doads from the Evil clutches of the world.
Coming Soon ...
Doads will have a Doadlist. Members of the Doadlist will be able to mint at a cheaper price. Each member will be able to mint 3 Doads. During the public mint.
While Doads currently have no Doadmap, Semplin intends to release details of several objectives. Those being the build of a scalable governance system, merch releases and the Doadcloud vandal exclusive to Doad holders in the near future.
Yes! Semplin plans on giving 20% of secondary sales to charity. The charity will be for a mental health organization that will be decided by the DOAD community.
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